ADC Digital


ADC Digital provides full-service, professional post-production video and photo retouching services by our staff of highly trained retouching artists. 


Photo Retouching

Our goal is to help photographers, art directors and agencies alike succeed by providing a full service experience in photo retouching. Retouching artists have the skills and creativity to create a professional result, on-time and in-budget. Additionally, security and confidentiality are at the forefront of our streamlined workflow to ensure that retouched photos are securely archived.  The ADC Digital Retouching Department is one of the most highly skilled finishing and retouching houses in the Digital Stills industry. Retouching Artists are available in house and on set from advertising and high-end editorial jobs to full fashion catalogs and campaigns.

On-set Photo Retouching

Whether a print project has a tighter than usual deadline or compositing of multiple layers and files is crucial to the delivery, our Retouching Artists are capable of providing a premier photo retouching service every time with a full line of post-production equipment.

Photo Retouching Artists in Los Angeles

At ADC, our Retouching Artists can provide expert level beauty and skin retouching, multi-image compositing, masking, cutouts, color correction and color enhancement. A typical workflow can take a project from conceptualization, to collaborative retouching, soft proofing to final RGB prints.